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Welcome to Caldwell Consulting LLC

Caldwell Consulting LLC is an innovative and creative Training and Organizational Development firm that offers a wide range of ready-to-train programs and develops custom training solutions.

Video Transcript

  • Conflict Strategies

    When it comes to leadership training and organizational development, it’s important to find a solution that targets your organization’s needs and just “gets to the point”—and that’s exactly what our next guest’s custom training solutions do. Joining us now from Caldwell Consulting is Managing Consultant Paula Caldwell. Paula, welcome!

    Thank you, it's nice to be here!

    Paula, Caldwell has recently focused in on workplace conflict—why have these courses been particularly valuable for your clients?

    My clients utilize courses like Conflict Strategies and Civility in the Workplace to give managers and employees tools to address bad behavior. Did you know that managers spend 25-40% of their time dealing with workplace conflicts? That’s 1-2 days of every work week. And research shows that 60-80% of all business difficulties stem from strained employee relationships. I have encountered many businesses that disciplined employees over conflict without providing them with any tools for managing it. This caused employees to stop coming to managers for help and drove up attrition rates. Effectively managing bad behavior prevents this unfortunate trend.
  • Social Learning

    Many of your clients have also found your social learning experiences to be indispensible—tell us more about that.

    Using our social learning environments you can create an engaging game-like way to convey key concepts. Learners earn experience points which allows them to “level up” to the next challenge. To reward desired outcomes, you can to issue Badges and acknowledge success with the built-in leader boards. This makes learning fun and allows learners to direct their own progress.

    Paula thanks for joining us today!

    You are most welcome.

    Visit iCaldwell.com to get more information about Caldwell Consulting’s custom training solutions.


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